Bike Jamboree

About the project

About the project

Bike Jamboree is a scout, bicycle relay organized by the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association through Polish, scout foundation: Fundacja Światowe Jamboree (World Scout Jamboree Foundation) with its partners. It is an ambitious project aiming to present scouting as the unique movement involving young, extraordinary people. People who, regardless their nationality, culture, religion and outlook on life, can cooperate with each other.
People who are open-minded, who don’t agree with inequalities and who are actively introducing positive changes in their local communities. By travelling around the world we want to show how powerful scouting is. Bike Jamboree is a relay through countries and continents that ends on the World Scout Jamborees – the biggest educational events organized by the World Scout Movement – giving the relay additional sense and meaning.

History of the project

First Bike Jamboree took place in 2015. From Poland through Europe, Minor Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, China up to Japan for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree. In the first relay took part over seventy participants, who travelled almost twelve thousand kilometres, trough nine stages during seven months. On each stage took part 8 bikers. Each stage was about 750 to 1800 kilometres long.

Bike Jamboree 2017-2019

First Bike Jamboree was a great success and this year we will start the second edition of this project! Bike Jamboree 2017-2019 will start soon – already in May, 2017 and will lead to the 24th World Scout Jamboree in the West Virginia, USA and then back to Poland. This time our route will be much more difficult and exciting – during 2,5 year we are planning to cycle all around the world! 35 000 km, 34 stages (3-4 weeks each), 21 countries.

In each stage will take part minimum 6 participants – four from Poland and two that we would like to invite from the country in which takes place given stage. During their trip bikers will meet local scouts, learn about countries they cycle through and promote the aim of the project – promotion of the largest world youth movement and its educational goals.

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